Welcome to your journey home.

Once upon a time, owning a home was at the heart of the American dream.

But the ability to secure affordable housing has become increasingly difficult for many fellow East Tennesseans. Recent economic challenges combined with area layoffs, dwindling savings accounts, and a decrease in true affordable housing alternatives have left many individuals, families, and seniors searching for a trustworthy pathway to homeownership or high quality affordable rentals.

HomeSource east tennessee:
Your Path to Sustainable Homeownership in East Tennessee.

At HomeSource east tennessee, we understand your deep desire to grab your piece of the American dream. We recognize the importance homeownership is to the stability and growth of communities across Knoxville and the East Tennessee Region.

HomeSource east tennessee’s mission to strengthen our communities by providing sustainable housing opportunities is accomplished by:

  • Providing straightforward education to potential homeowners and tenants on the importance of sound financial management, personal decision making, credit and debt management, personal responsibility, and the responsibilities of renting and/or homeownership;
  • Offering foreclosure prevention counseling for those struggling with their mortgage and looking for a way to get their head above water. Foreclosure may not be the only option. Our professionally trained housing counselors offer more than a path to financial freedom, they provide hope and support (and without rejection, guilt, or shame);
  • Developing new apartments and single-family homes for individuals, families, and seniors that might not qualify otherwise;
  • Helping individuals and families thrive through affordable sustainable homeownership or rental housing so they can raise their children in clean, stable environments within positive and healthy communities;
  • Providing affordable rental opportunities for seniors that will allow them to have quality independent living in a quiet setting;
  • Revitalizing neighborhoods by improving existing housing or building new affordable housing.


Posted on October 16, 2013