Board of Directors


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HomeSource east tennessee is governed by an active Board of Directors that provides leadership for the staff and shares in the passion for affordable homes, improved quality of life, and stronger communities and neighborhoods.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

  • Herc Ligdis(Chair)
  • Jan Evridge (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Ann Barker
  • Paul Barney
  • Susan Brown
  • Jeremy Cook
  • Kelsey Finch
  • John M. Hall
  • Suzanne Hanson
  • Tatia Harris
  • David Kindwall
  • Pastor Michael J. McNair
  • Phillip & Micaela (Mickey) Morgan
  • Keisha Wynn

HomeSource east tennessee maintains a carefully designated board membership. To keep a healthy balance of residents, community leaders, and representatives of the public sector, HomeSource east tennessee bylaws direct the composition to be:

  • At least one-third residents with low- to moderate-income, or
  • Residents of low- to moderate-income census tracts or neighborhoods, or
  • Elected representatives of community or neighborhood organizations within the City of Knoxville or Knox County who serve low- to moderate-income areas or constituents.

Not more than one-third of the directors are to be representatives of the public sector.

Proud Charter Member of NeighborWorks® America Network

As a chartered member of NeighborWorks® America, HomeSource east tennessee is required to maintain a “resident-led partnership” comprised of residents, business leaders, and government representatives.

In addition to requiring a “resident-led” board, NeighborWorks requires that HomeSource east tennessee has:

  • A mission to revitalize communities and produce affordable housing;
  • Board community support for programmatic work; and
  • The ability to accomplish the mission by maintaining high standards for program operations and service delivery.

HomeSource east tennessee is proud to be recognized as having demonstrated “excellence in leadership, organizational ability, and financial viability”.



The Executive Committee to the Board of Directors is comprised of the board officers and the chairs of each board committee. The board chair may appoint up to two additional board members to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may exercise all of the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of HomeSource east tennessee.

The Executive Committee meets regularly, records minutes, reports its proceedings, and makes recommendations to the full board.


This committee is charged with promoting awareness of the HomeOwnership CenterSM (HOC) and Knox Housing Partnership and enhancing the public relations of the organization.  The committee’s responsibilities also include the performance goals and evaluation of the HOC and the development and implementation of a marketing plan for the Center.


The Board Development Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for building the board with appropriate individuals who share an interest and ability to promote and support the work and mission of HomeSource east tennessee and who meet the eligibility requirements for a balanced, resident-led board.

This committee is charged with identifying, cultivating, and recruiting prospective candidates to serve as directors. This process is an ongoing, year-round effort to bring new directors to the board in a three-year rotation to maintain the critical resident-led balance mandated by HomeSource east tennessee bylaws.

In addition to the duties of bringing on new board members, this committee is also responsible for educating new directors about the history and mission of HomeSource east tennessee, identifying appropriate board development and training programs, and the very important work of administering the annual board evaluation and review.

In order to make sure this committee stays balanced and vital, not more than two-thirds of this committee for any year is eligible to remain on this committee for the following year.


The Real Estate Development and Asset Management Committee is responsible for the planning and oversight of HomeSource east tennessee’s real estate development. This included the recent construction of multifamily units, such as Riverbirch Village, Willow Place, Dutch Valley View and Blueberry Ridge Apartments and new single family homes in Lonsdale.

The committee maybe comprised of board members and non-board members who have administrative and management expertise in architecture, construction, and real estate development. The committee works closely with HomeSource east tennessee’s highly experienced project manager, Ken Block.

Together, this committee and staff have planned, designed, and completed numerous projects in the Knoxville and Knox County community, providing real substance to HomeSource east tennessee’s mission to build thriving communities with affordable and sustainable housing.

This committee is charged with evaluating current and proposed projects and property management oversight. The committee creates and monitors property management policies to ensure the livability and viability of each endeavor.

The Real Estate Development and Asset Management Committee meets regularly, records minutes, reports its proceedings and activities, and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and the full Board.


The Resource Development Committee is responsible for the planning and oversight of HomeSource east tennessee’s fundraising and resource development needs as determined by the Finance Committee.

This committee is charged with:

  • Organizing an annual fundraising plan to support the mission of HomeSource east tennessee
  • Evaluating resource streams
  • Acting as ambassadors to the community to create organizational awareness
  • Recruiting funders, philanthropists and individual donors
  • Being responsible for special events
  • Coordinating activities and goals with the Finance Committee

In addition to the fundraising work of this committee, the Resource Development Committee provides vital outreach and public relations through its many avenues to help HomeSource east tennessee get out the word to the community of HomeSource east tennessee’s goals and mission.


The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for Knox Housing Partnership through awareness of the needs of the organization and its progress toward its financial goals.  This committee is charged with ensuring HomeSource east tennessee’s financial stability by providing budget oversight by:

  • Reviewing the budget as established by HomeSource east tennessee staff
  • Coordinating fundraising goals with the Resource Development Committee
  • Functioning as the audit committee
  • Analyzing the financial feasibility of future projects
Posted on September 30, 2013