Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for building the board with appropriate individuals who share an interest and ability to promote and support the work and mission of HomeSource east tennessee and who meet the eligibility requirements for a balanced, resident-led board.

This committee is charged with identifying, cultivating, and recruiting prospective candidates to serve as directors. This process is an ongoing, year-round effort to bring new directors to the board in a three-year rotation to maintain the critical resident-led balance mandated by HomeSource east tennessee bylaws.

In addition to the duties of bringing on new board members, this committee is also responsible for educating new directors about the history and mission of HomeSource east tennessee, identifying appropriate board development and training programs, and the very important work of administering the annual board evaluation and review.

In order to make sure this committee stays balanced and vital, not more than two-thirds of this committee for any year is eligible to remain on this committee for the following year.

Posted on September 30, 2013