Post-Purchase Counseling

Now you have your house.

What’s next?

Let HomeSource east tennessee help you figure out how to keep and maintain your home. You may need assistance revising your budget to accommodate new burdens or unanticipated expenses. Home maintenance and general upkeep is critical to protecting your investment.

HomeSource can help advise on rehabilitation opportunities, guiding homeowners toward low-interest rehab loans in partnership with the City of Knoxville’s Community Development Department.

Let HomeSource counselors help you:

  • Keep an upper hand on your finances
  • Steer clear of foreclosure traps and pitfalls
  • Attend to the needs and requirements of your home and property.

If you own your home and need help, let HomeSource east tennessee be a resource for you.

Call for a Post-Purchase Counseling appointment at (865) 637-1679 ext 223.