Pre-Purchase Counseling

Pre-Purchase Counseling to help with the all those home buying details.

Let us help you get to YES!

Through our HomeOwnership Center, HomeSource east tennessee serves as a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency providing counseling services for low- and moderate-income residents and others who seek to have a better understanding of their financial circumstances and affordable home purchase options.

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Pre-Purchase Counseling helps with important first steps, including (but not limited to):

  • Understanding your credit report and what you can do about it
  • Helping prepare a workable budget
  • Comparing different mortgage options available to you

Pre-Purchase Counseling provides the guidance families and individuals require when trying to nail down all the questions and complexities of preparing for a home purchase.

Our passionate HomeSource east tennessee counselors have years of experience in the housing and real estate industry, and provide an unbiased and objective view of the home buying process as they help make sense of financial options and realities.

We help you get to YES…

YES to an affordable, comfortable home in which to raise your family.

YES to an affordable, quality rental space that provides you the freedom you want.

YES to taking control of your finances.

YES to living the American dream.

HomeSource east tennessee’s one-on-one counseling is one of the greatest values in the real estate business. First-time homebuyers who receive pre-purchase counseling services are guided, encouraged, and supported as they create and carry out their plan for homeownership.