Housing Scams

When people are struggling, they can be desperate for someone to promise help. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will make that promise, even when they know they cannot deliver on it.

There are people and organizations that prey on households in financial trouble- promising to save their homes for a fee, only to take their money and not provide any help. Even worse, some scam artists will trick the family into signing over the home to them.

If you are worried about keeping your home, AVOID anyone that:

  • Asks for a FEE IN ADVANCE
  • GUARANTEES that they’ll stop a foreclosure or modify a loan
  • Tells you to STOP PAYING your mortgage company and to pay them instead

If you are behind on your mortgage, there are reputable non-profits that can help you work with the mortgage company to save your home. Most of these organizations provide these services for free.

For a list of legitimate foreclosure prevention counselors, visit www.LoanScamAlert.org or call 888-995-HOPE.

If you think you have been a victim of a Foreclosure Scam, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.