HomeSource east tennessee’s educational and counseling programs include:

Homebuyers Education

Our Homebuyer Education program is a comprehensive 8-hour class for first-time homebuyers that covers budgeting, credit, the home purchase process, home maintenance, and sustaining homeownership. You will have a housing and real estate expert answering your toughest questions and preparing you for the biggest purchase of your life.

Since joining NeighborWorks® America in December 1998, HomeSource east tennessee has graduated more than 2,000 people from the Homebuyer Education program, and we are ready to help you get to YES and move into your first home.

We are now partnered with eHomeAmerica, this partnership can allow you to experience Homebuyer education at your own pace, from the convenience of your own home. You can register by using the link below or call Taylor Hays for assistance with the sign up process.
eHomeAmerica registration

Financial Fitness

Is your credit holding you back from moving into your dream home? Want to have a more stable financial foundation before you begin the home buying process?

Get ready to buy your first (or next) home with our Financial Fitness Education, a 4-week workshop series focused on credit repair, budget creation, and action plans to help you reach your financial goals and bring you one step closer to owning a place to call home.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Find affordable housing that meets your needs and budget with Pre-Purchase Counseling. Through our HomeOwnership Center, HomeSource east tennessee serves as a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency providing counseling services for low- and moderate-income residents and others who seek to have a better understanding of their financial circumstances and affordable home purchase options.

Foreclosure & Mortgage Default Counseling

HomeSource east tennessee works alongside you as your partner and helps you assess your options when times get tough with our Foreclosure & Mortgage Default Counseling.

As HUD-approved foreclosure counselors, the caring staff at HomeSource east tennessee is here to help and advise you on foreclosure situations free of charge.

We have tremendous experience in foreclosure counseling and lots of successful stories of hard working, deserving people staying in their own homes.


Other Counseling Services

Fair Housing Counseling

HomeSource can help homebuyers and tenants understand fair housing laws and how they affect what a landlord or lender can or cannot do. HomeSource can answer questions about fair housing and direct victims of fair housing to the resources they need.

Rental Counseling

HomeSource staff can help locate rental housing options and can direct you to possible sources of rental assistance. HomeSource staff are familiar with the Tennessee Landlord/Tenant Protection Act and can help our clients understand what landlords can and can not do.