Why Community Development Matters


The latest data from Washington suggest the economy is growing. It is, but it’s growing at an uneven pace around the country. East Tennessee has been fortunate due in part to the comprehensive community development work that HomeSource east tennessee is doing in partnership with local business and government.

Community development in the 21st century is more than the construction of affordable housing. Together with our partners, HomeSource is transforming community development into something that more accurately could be called community entrepreneurship. Put plainly: that’s us listening to our clients—the people and businesses of East Tennessee and offering solutions that deliver what our clients want: good jobs, quality education, affordable housing and healthy, safe neighborhoods. In short, opportunity.

HomeSource east tennessee is a member of the NeighborWorks network, which means through the network, we contributed to the creation and maintenance of more than 53,000 jobs nationwide in fiscal year 2016, made it possible for more than 21,000 people to become homeowners and the supply of more than 154,000 affordable rental homes. Taken together, these activities and investments in people, businesses and homes helped grow the national economy by $7.1 billion in 2016.

Those are big results. And they are reflected in what we accomplished locally.

  • 149 Homeowners Created
  • 389 Customers counseled and educated
  • 245 Total Created Preserved Homes and Customers

HomeSource east tennessee is excited about the opportunities that are ahead. Our membership in the NeighborWorks network is equipping us to do more for our community. Its financial support enables HomeSource to be flexible in our approach to solving local problems, and its national training courses keep us on top of the emerging strategies that create communities of opportunity for everyone.

We’re heartened by the positive response to the work we’ve done and will continue to do with our business, government and community partners. We know they’ll be with us every step along the way as we build East Tennessee into the best it can be and ensure it is a place of opportunity.